Laservision laser safety goggles with  filter Type P1l07

The laser safety filter Type P1L07 is a brown absorbing plastic filter without additional coating. The protection is based on absorption of the laser light within the bulk material. The filter Type P1L07 has got limited daylight transmission of approx. 10% which is sufficient in bright working environment. Colour recognition is slightly limited. The filter type P1L07 is certified with M-protection levels for nearly the full wavelength range between 180 and 1210nm and therfore especially suitable for supercontinuum lasers and ultra-short pulsed lasers. The filter is available in the F18/F22 (OTG) frame with flex or standard temples. Please calculate required protection levels before using laser safety filters and compare with the filter provided.


Filter Specification for P1L07

Full Protection
Filter Materialplastic
Filter TechnologyAbsorption Filter
VLT (approx.)10%
Visual Brightnesslimited
Colour viewlimited
Filter Thicknessapprox. 3 mm*
View of the spectrum as seen through the filter*** 
View of the spectrum without the filter

Transmission Curve**



  • Protection levels certified according EN 207
  • M-Protection Levels nearly from 180-1210nm
  • Ti:Sa plus pump at 532, Nd:YAG plus harmonis plus diode
  • 745 -1120nm rating: D LB6 + IRM LB8
  • F18/F22 frame with 2 different temple options

Available Frame Styles and Protection Levels for filter Type P1L07

(for frame details, please click on the picture below)

Laser Safety Goggle F18/F22 with Filter P1L07
F18/F22 (OTG)
Part numberF18.P1L07
180 - 31510+D LB10 + IR LB4 + M LB6
>315 - 5348+D LB6 + IRM LB8
>534 - 5406+DIRM LB6
>540 - 5453+DIRM LB3
630 - <6601+DIRM LB1
660 - <6802+DIRM LB2
680 - <7003+DIRM LB3
700 - <7154+DIRM LB4
715 - <7255+DIRM LB5
725 - <7356+DIRM LB6
735 - <7457+D LB6 + IRM LB7
745 - <7558+D LB6 + IRM LB8
755 - 11209+D LB6 + IRM LB 8 + M LB9
>1120 - 11307+D LB6 + IRM LB 7
>1130 - 11356+DIRM LB6
>1135 - 11455+DIRM LB5
>1145 - 11554+DIRM LB4
>1155 - 11653+DIRM LB3
>1165 - 11802+DIRM LB2
>1180 - 12101+DIRM LB1


Accessories suitable for this filter

Laser safety eyewear does only protect, if it is worn by the user at all. Therefore LASERVISION is offering a special LED-warning sign for the filter type P1L07. The new developed LED-warning sign from LASERVISION warns the user against not wearing proper laser safety eyewear showing a flashing text message, which is only visible if the eyewear is not worn. The colour of the text is specifically adjusted to special LASERVISION filters and does only match these filters.


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