Filters with Reflective Coating


The much more advanced but technically more complicated technology to create filters of high optical density is the coating of the substrate with dielectric interference layers.

By special design of the layer sequences and by suitable choice of the coating materials, multiple coating layers are vapour deposited in high vacuum condition applied to a substrate. The layers have to be applied to an accuracy of a few nanometers. For the so called blocking laser wavelength, a constructive multiple reflection is achieved and the filter reflects nearly all of the laser light. As required in the norms EN 207/208 a special design of the interference layers must completely block all wavelength for which the structure is designed for over the required range of 30 degrees.

With the exception of the blocked wavelength nearly all light passes the filter without attenuation. Therefore, compared to any absorbing filter in the visible, coated filters have a much better colour vision and higher visible



  • Highest Optical Densities (OD)
  • Combination with plastic and glass substrates
  • Best colour vision and highest daylight transmission
  • Available with different frame styles
  • Break-proof through special substrates
  • Scratch resistant through special coatings
  • Low weight and high comfort

light transmission. This is especially important for medical applications.

Because in case of a laser hit most of the laser energy is reflected from the filter, the protection is highly independent from the chosen substrate. Therefore it is possible to achieve with this technology protection levels using plastic filters which have previously only been available with glass filter technology.


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