Absorbing Glass Filters


Each of the different materials used for absorption filters, plastics and glass, does have advantages and disadvantages with respect to protection and comfort and also possible damage symptoms are quite different when hit by a laser. Glass filters will break due to the thermal distortion in cases where the damage threshold is exceeded. That’s why LASERVISION glass filters are enhanced by splinter protection (lamination with neutral glass) as standard to avoid injuries in case of a hazardous situation. In addition, the splinter protection will also keep the protection effective. Even a cracked filter will keep the required Optical Density as long as the pieces remain together. Glass filters are clearly superior to plastic filters in terms of the thermal stability of the filter material. Therefore they are especially suitable for continuous lasers (cw operation) of medium to high power and often the only possible way to achieve the high protection levels required by the norms.


  • Highest Optical Densities (OD)
  • Combination of filters for different wavelength
  • Different frame styles
  • Special filters for high-power mode-lockes lasers
  • Splinter protection by lamination
  • Available as cabin window (limited size)
  • More than 6000 custom filters in record

The combination of different absorbing glass filters offers the possibility to customise laser safety eyewear specific to an application. The thickness and therefore the weight of the filter do have significant influence on the wearing comfort. Therefore it is important to choose a manufacturer or model which offers options to allow an individual fit of the eyewear to the user. Suitable options can be different sets of temples, flexible head bands or support systems. For users who need to wear corrective glasses it must be possible get a model which can be worn over the glasses or to mount prescription inserts.


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