Absorbing Plastic & Acrylic Filters


Each of the different materials used for absorption filters, plastics and glass, does have advantages and disadvantages with respect to protection and comfort and also possible damage symptoms are quite different when hit by a laser. Plastic filters will carbonize at high power densities and can be quickly penetrated.

Laser safety eyewear made from plastics are especially characterised by low weight and therefore features a high wearing comfort. In most cases it consists of a single shield with temples which can be used in dependence of the design also over prescription glasses (OTG). Some manufacturers (for example laservision) offer also very sportive single shield designs with a very good field of view. But there are of course also spectacles available with two curved filters and good fit.


  • Different wavelength ranges
  • High protection levels with pulsed lasers
  • Different frame styles
  • Available as cabin window or sheet
  • Low weight
  • Economical with goor wearing comfort


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