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A pair of laser safety glasses basically consists of two components: Filter and frame. Even though the filter is the more important component (as it enables you to see safely) and determines the price, one should never underestimate the importance of the frame.



Christmas Sale !  

This year laservision offers a very particular present for laser applications within the surgery and the dental area. This proposal is especially suitable for surgeons and dentists who work with laser diodes at wavelength in the NIR range like 810 / 940 and 980nm,  Nd:YAG-lasers as well as CO2-lasers. The sportive frame F16 with the ligth plastic filters: P1D02 and P1C02 is comfortable, modern and available with the multiple adjustable quatroflex-temples. The special offer is deemed for the frame and filter combinations: F16P1D021001 und F16P1C021001 only. SALES PRICE: 79,00 Euro (net), add. shipping fee, without extra charge for small quantities. Order now: info@lvg.com   


multisided, translucent: p1M02 

With the new translucent plastic filter P1M02,  laservision succeeded in developing a laser safety filter for Nd:YAG, disc- and fiber laser within the area of plastic IR-filters. It possesses an undisturbed color view and very high protection levels between 1030 and 1070nm. Applications are found in the industriel range, at laser marking as well as in the medical range: dermatology. Reed more: » » »


The new blue P1P12 

The new broadband laser protection filter P1P12 is available from now on with a thickness of 6mm. The 3mm version will follow end of March 2016.  One of the particular skills on this new filter is a VLT of 20% as well as a very good colour view. The laser protection between 940 an 1100 nm is certified with DIRM6, which makes the window suitable for Ultra short puled laser Systems. For more information please click here: » » »

Shelter-CR - for clean rooms

In order to fulfill the requirements coming in particular from the electronic component manufacturing sector LASERVISION has developed the SHELTER-CR as a clean-room-fit laser safety curtain. This curtain is a new version of the well-known SHELTER-NG and is a perfect match to the requirements of that market. We offer standard length at 2 m or 2,50 m. According to the changing requirements more or less modules are needed in every case to build a laser safe area. A hugh flexibility regarding the length is given by connecting the special form-locking elastomer band up to the length needed. The curtain can be mounted using the integrated eyelets in combination with hooks and a rod, rope or rail System to hang on. Yet another advantage is the attractive pricing. We gladly provide advise on the phone and also on-site. For first detailed information about laser safety protections levels or certifications please click here

Filter P1P10 And P1M01

The new broadband filters P1P10 and P1M01 consist of a new blue absorbing dye and feature an extremely broad wavelength protection range. Both filters have a good colour recognition, but the filter P1P10 contains a higher concentration of the absorbing dye. This results in a lower vible light transmission but also in much higher protection ratings. The filters P1P10 and P1M01 are available in the well established F18/F22 OTG frames. The brighter P1M01 filter is available additionally in the brand new sporty F29 frame. More information can be found at the filter description pages » » »



Active laser safe Window kit

LASERVISION has improved its active laser protection window and is offering a new kit version. The omission of the frame for the first time allows the integration of this technology into existing design concepts of the machine housing or machining center.  » » »

LSO1 Seminar in english

Due to the increasing demand, we are pleased to offer our seminar "Laser Safety Officer (LSO)" now also in English. As of now you can register for the first english seminar at the uvex-academy in Fuerth close to Nuremberg. The first event will last from 22.-23. July 2014. Target audience: Employees of companies and specialists for work safety who are responsible for laser safety. For more Information and the registration form please click here. We are very pleased to wellcome you in our professional Seminar rooms.




starting May 2nd. 2011  LASERVISION GmbH & Co. KG is certified as AEO "Authorized Economic Operator"

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ISO 9001 Certificate

LASERVISION has been successfully ISO 9001:2008 recertified. Click here to read about our quality philosophy.




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