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laservision  window frame kit E25FRAME1001 with laser safety window

The E25 Window-Kit E25.FRAME.1001

The E25 modular folding wall also offers a possibility, to easily mount a laser protection plastic window, which fits your application and laser requirements, with the special developed window frame installation kit from laservision, the E25.FRAME.1001.

Windows with a standard size of WxH 1219 x 915mm and a thickness of 6mm can generally be used.
Please make sure that you also order the correct choice of window. You can find the available discs on the page below.

  • E25FRAME1001
  • GTIN: 4050369053335
  • 1 pieces
  • 0.80 kg
  • 0.80 kg
The special feature of the laser protection folding wall (E25.M7P06.1001) is not only the...more

The special feature of the laser protection folding wall (E25.M7P06.1001) is not only the connection of the individual segments with the new, revolutionary hinge system, but also the possibility to mount laser protection plastic windows, which match your application, with the specially developed window frame installation kit (E25.FRAME.1001) from laservision. This enables you and your employees to observe the work at a safe distance without being exposed to the laser beams or any scattered radiation.

The window frame system can be used for laser protection plastic panes from laservision with the standard size of WxH: 1219mm x 915mm and a maximum material thickness of 6mm. As standard, the laser protection window is installed in the middle module or left-center in the case of even-numbered systems. If you want the laser protection window in another segment, please contact your laservision contact person.

The laser protection window sits at a height of approx. 1173 mm above the floor and closes with the upper cross section (approx. 2000 mm height). Special sizes are available on request.


The following laser safety windows fit with the system:



Please add  the required laser safety window additional to the window-frame-kit into your basket. It will then be mounted directly into your E25-modul.


  • A Ready-To-Use-Systeme: The laser protection window is already installed at the factory
  • Suitable for windows with 1219mm x 915mm (WxH) and a material thickness up to 6mm
  • Almost all laservision plastic windows can be used
Protection range

Protection in the infrared spectral range above 1400nm

near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm

Colour: silver
Protection range: Infrared
near infrared
Dimension (mm): 1219 mm x 915mm
1070nm | 960 kW/m 2 | T2 | t max = 210s 9000-11000nm | 615 kW/m 2 | T2 |...more
1070nm | 960 kW/m2 | T2 | tmax = 210s
9000-11000nm | 615 kW/m2 | T2 | tmax = 105s
180 - 315 D AB9 + IR AB4 + M AB6Y
>315 - 1050 D AB8 + IR AB9 + M AB10
>1050 - 1400 D AB7 + IR AB9 + M AB10
>1400 - 25000 D AB5
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