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laser safety magnifier F27P1L15 340mm

The laservision laser safety magnifier F27.P1L15.1231 with standard temples offer full protection according to EN 207 in the UV range, in the IR range from 700-1090nm and strong red target lasers around 650nm and adjustment protection according to EN 208 in the range 620-635nm and 650- 665nm. The F27 with the P1L15 filter is used in medical lasers (YAG, diode) with higher powers and thus in the dental and derma sector. The green filter P1L15 in the shield has good visual brightness and a VLT of approx. 25%. The delivery of the laser safety loupes is carried out in a foam-filled plastic case with eyeglass cloth, sterilizable swivel levers and a cord for hanging or for individually determining the glasses on the head. laservision recommends the professional cleaning station (A99.CLSTA.1300) for cleaning the laser safety spectacle.

  • F27P1L151231
  • GTIN: 4050369044425
  • 1 pieces
  • 0.59 kg
  • 0.10 kg
Protection range
near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm


Protection within the ultraviolet spectral range between 180 and 400nm


Protection within the visible spectral range between 400 and 700nm

Coating: no coating
Filter curvature: Flat filter
Protection Class / Norm: EN 207 full protection
EN 208 Alignment protection
Cushion: No cushion
Frame type: OTG with temples
Properties: Lightweight
Frame: F27
Filter: Metal eyecaps
Filter colour: Green
colour recognition: Good
Filter thickness: ca. 2mm
Filter material: Plastic
Filter technology: Absorption filter
Protection range: near infrared
Visual brightness: Good
VLT (approx.): 25%
wavelength (nm) OD Operating mode  / Tested protection level
180 - 315 (OD9+) D LB9 + IR LB4
>315 - 450 (OD5+) DIR LB5
>450 - 460 (OD3+) DIR LB3
620 - <650 (OD1+) DIR LB1
650 - 665 (OD2-3) 0,1W 2x10E-5J RB2
650 - <680 (OD2+) DIR LB2
680 - <690 (OD3+) DIR LB3
690 - <700 (OD4+) DIR LB4
700 - <720 (OD5+) DIR LB5
720 - <755 (OD6+) DIR LB6
755 - 1090 (OD7+) D LB6 + IR LB7
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