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Leasing instead of buying

With increasing wavelength diversity and steadily increasing mean output power of industrial and scientific laser sources, the requirements for laser protection continue to grow. This applies both to personal protection components, such as laser safety goggles or clothing, but also the safe shielding of the environment of a laser with  higher performance.

Depending on the respective laser process and the configuration of the laser system, the requirements for a laser-safe shield are derived from the obligatory risk assessment.

Depending on the test class and required service life, a standard-compliant design can represent a not inconsiderable cost factor in the calculation. Thus, in cases in which inexpensive, passive wall materials do not ensure sufficient protection times (for example: automatical operations for hours without monitoring by an operator, T1 classification in the Machinery Directive), only active systems can be used.

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of laser protection products and large-area laser protection, it is our goal, in keeping with our claim protecting people, to enable all users of laser technology access to innovative, safe and standard-compliant laser protection solutions. In cooperation with a selected partner, it is now possible for the first time to offer a leasing solution within Germany (foreign countries on request) for financing large-scale laser protection projects.

Your advantages

  • Leasing protects your valuable liquidity
  • The bank credit line is retained
  • The costs are even and more accurate calculable
  • Leasing is off balance sheet
  • Guaranteed flexibility and transparency
  • Fair conditions

As a member of Bank Schilling, our partner DR. SCHMITT LEASING GmbH stands for reliability and stability as the cornerstone of our business policy.

Ask for your offer at laservision in cooperation with

 Dr. Schmitt Leasing