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A pair of laser safety glasses basically consists of two components: Filter and frame. Even though the filter is the more important component (as it enables you to see safely) and determines the price, one should never underestimate the importance of the frame.


New Broadband filter P1L07

The new broadband filter P1L07 is a lightweigt and comfortable alternative solution to commonly used glass filters.  It is nearly continously certified for the full wavelength range between 180nm and 1210nm. This includes also M-rating for ultra short pulsed laser. Main applications are i.e. super continuum lasers. Especially interesting for all applications using YAG-, fibre or disc lasers is the large wavelength range between 745nm and 1120nm rated D LB6 + IRM LB7. The filter is available in the well known DYNA GUARD frame.


Frame Options for R14

The new cushion frames for the well established PROTECTOR frame from LASERVISION increase the wearing comfort significantly. The exchangable frames come either with foam or lip seal and can be easily added to older frames also. The foam version is similar to a ski goggle and especially suitable for all day long wearing, whereas the lip seal version is the best choice for multiple users of a special eyewear or visitors, due to its good feasibility for cleaning. Both frames can be ordered in sets of 5 as spare parts.


Window frames

As an option LASERVISION is offering two new window frames for exchangable standard window dimensions of 200x100mm and 297x210mm size.

Opposite to the previous versions the new frames feature a significantly improved handling. Windows need not to be changed on the machine directly. Spring steel elements ensure a stable fit and enable the integration of any window with thickness between 3mm and 13mm. More information here: »»»



starting May 2nd. 2011  LASERVISION GmbH & Co. KG is certified as AEO "Authorized Economic Operator"

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ISO 9001 Certificate

LASERVISION has been successfully ISO 9001:2008 recertified. Click here to read about our quality philosophy.





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