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laservision laser safety barrier

The laservision barrier materials are ideally suited for enclosing laser systems of medium to high power. For this purpose, the barriers can be purchased as material from laservision and assembled by the customer. Alternatively, with the pre-assembled E40 system, enclosures can be quickly erected and dismantled or extended as required. Of course, the barrier materials can also be used in mobile walls. The laservision E25 system is particularly suitable for this purpose.

E25 Modular Barrier System: Mobile laser safety wall for e.g. installation & maintenance

  • Ready-to-use System
  • Standard filling M7P06
  • Short delivery time
  • Tested hinge system => laser safe in any position

Barrier: Lightweight aluminum sandwich barrier

  • Tested and certified according to EN 60825-4
  • T2 classified
  • For medium to high laser power applications
  • Standard and custom dimensions


  • The laser protection systems are safe, flexible and individual
  • The barriers are certified according to EN 60825-4
  • Complete systems are available in different dimensions
  • There is an extensive range of options and accessories
  • Customer and application specific solutions are available