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laservision frames for laser safety eyewear

In countries which follow the European standard for laser safety eyewear it is necessary that the safety function of a laser safety eyewear persists according to the protection rating (LB) under standardized test conditions of a 5sec. direct hit from a cw-laser and/or 50 pulses of a pulsed laser. Protection due to the Optical Density (OD) of the filter alone is not sufficient. It is necessary, that the stability of the Optical Density persists during the laser irradiation. This applies for the frame of the spectacle as well as for the laser safety filters (laser stability). Hence the weaker part of the spectacle determines the achievable laser safety level of the complete laser safety eyewear for the particular wavelength and operation category.

Furthermore the frame of a laser safety eyewear must prevent from lateral penetration (coverage area). Additionally further ordinary requirements of standards must be achieved, like the EN 166 and EN 168 (heat-resisting and UV-stability). In addition to the laser stability and regarding the CE-type examination (CE) also these requirements have to be certified form an independent certifier (Notified Body). The laser safety stability is certified with LB-protection levels within the EC-type examination. This marking must durably be legible printed on the laser safety eyewear.

In close collaboration with our parent company uvex safety group laservision continuously develops its portfolio of frames for laser safety eyewear and the improvement of the wearing comfort to make it a real experience for the user within the increasing laser applications.