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laservision large active laser safety window kit

Due to the constantly increasing laser power and beam quality of modern disc and fiber lasers laser safety according to the standards is difficult to achieve with commonly used filter materials. In most cases common laser safety windows do not reach the protection rating required from excellent beam quality and power density of the used lasers.

The patented active cabinet window solves this problem in an ideal and easy way by integration of the implemented electronic into the safety circuit of the laser system. In case that a laser beam hits the window and a sufficient part of the radiation couples into sensor in the window sheet, the laser will be shut-down immediately before radiation leaks from the back side of the window. In addition the system is totally insensitive against scattered and process light.

The large active laser safety window kit is CE certified acc. to the EC-machinery directive at wavelengths within the range 820-1100nm. In combination with active barrier systems a safety solution for industrial high power laser installations is available.



  • Active protection solution
  • Certified category T1 for automated operation without supervision
  • Wavelength range 820-1100nm
  • CE certified acc. EG-machinery directive
  • Tested with 16 kW fiber laser
  • Easy integration into safety circuits
active laser safety window kit