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Large area laser protection for medical applications

In operating theatres, healthcare practices and laboratories, large-area laser protection is a versatile and flexible way to use lasers at all wavelengths and for all laser treatments in dental, dermatological, surgical and veterinary applications.

Our modular wall systems – which are comprised of strong panels combined with our specially developed hinge system – can also be equipped with various plastic windows. This enables assistants, parents or teaching staff to observe operations safety.

We also offer a series of CR (Clean Range) laser safe curtains, which have been specially designed for use in clean environments. These curtains can be installed in eight standard sizes and reach a total size of up to 2700 x 3500 mm. You can also choose from a range of fastening, hanging and rail systems. All of these products offer a high level of protection and are CE certified.

Vertical blinds are an alternative to curtains. The slats run in a rail and can be gathered and turned by a control element. This means they can also be used flexibly as room dividers.

The medical portfolio is completed with a range of IR-blocking window films, which can be fitted on existing windows in labs, operating theatres, practices or lecture halls. The films can even be applied on both sides of the pane to double the OD protection, making them the ideal solution to protect observers and visitors.


  • Laser and Light safe at any angle (0-360°)
  • Proven hinge system
  • Fast and flexible way to screen off the operating area
  • Quick and space saving storage when not in use

Window film

  • For applications with Diode, Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, Ho-YAG and CO2 lasers
  • For windows in laboratories or operating theatres, to provide protection against the escape of direct or scattered radiation
  • Double OD if applied on both sides of the window
  • Additional UV protection