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lattice window structures

For glass production reasons, laser safety windows made of mineral glass with the required optical properties are only available up to a size of approx. 210x290 mm (DIN A4). The arrangement and installation as lattice windows allows absorbing laser protection mineral glass windows to be combined in a frame in such a way that a large viewing area is created overall. For this purpose, several windows in standard or customer-specific sizes are enclosed in an aluminum frame. The number of glass elements that can be mounted in such a frame is almost freely selectable. Georgian bar windows are manufactured to customer specifications.

Please specify the filter type and the number of laser safety windows per row and column when making an inquiry. We will be happy to advise you on optimizing the design to suit your application and budget.


  •  Customized production 
  •  Large window areas even with small available pane sizes 
  •  Almost freely selectable format