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CE certified customized laser safety filters

Based on laservisions’ long lasting experience at the survey and handling of glass filters we are able to develop and produce special laser safety filters. Due to the combination of different mineral glass filters customized filters can be developed for different laser applications with single piece CE certification. The structure of these special filters is developed through our product development department. It is based on existing product- and measurement data as well as the absorption curves from the glass manufacturer. To achieve the needed attenuation also coated filter components can be used.

On the basis of these data the optical density is calculated. These values, including a safety reduction, are the basis of the estimated laser safety ratings  EN 207/208. The independent notified body checks, according to the regulation, the calculated data against the submitted filters. On the basis of his inspection report, his rofessional experience and his risk assessment the CE-marking resp. the protection ratings are given.

Laser safety eyewear with special individual CE certification, always has the needed attenuation (optical density) acc. EN 60825, based on the calculation of the provided laser data. In the most instances the needed LB-protection levels for the laser parameters are not issued, because the resistance time of the filter against a direct laser hit acc. EN 207/208 has not been tested and can therefore not be ensured. So the protection rating is mostly less than the requested rating. For many applications within the R&D range this is the only possibility for the protection of the users and a laser safety which is conform to standards.


  • Individual filter combinations are possible
  • Available as flat filters in the R01, R14 and R17  frame style
  • Single filter/eyewear certification possible