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laservision accessories for medical laser applications

Additional to our portfolio of laser safety-, magnifyer- and clear range spectacles laservsion offers also a multiplicity of accessory products for special treatments. This includes different cover plates for the skin or den lip- and mouth area but also metal eye caps, which can directly be placed on the eyeball.

Additional accessories especially for laser safety goggles and laser safe frame you can find within the category accessories at laser safety spectacles. In addition to the different wearing option (malleble temples, different headbands or different cushon sets, you can also find the offered cleaning stations, which enables a simple, quick and gentle cleasing of your laser safty spectacle.

Cover plate A99COVPL1000
HEINE LoupeLight2 A27LEDLU1000
Mouth protection A99MCARE1000
Set of Eyecaps A99ECAPS
available standard sizes (mm): 22mm
Vacuum cups A99ECAPS1SUC