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laservision laser safety for veterinarians

The positive treatment results of various photodynamic therapies based on laser or IPL are leading to an increasing use of these methods in veterinary practice. In the meantime, wound and abscess treatments, orthopedic therapies for muscle fiber or ligament injuries, strains and arthrosis as well as dermatological and dental treatments are carried out on "animal patients".

laservision therefore offers the tested eyewear models of the Doggles® family of laser protection exclusively for small animal practices with laser protection filters and, in addition, the so-called equine mask especially for large animal practices. This is a laser protection hood to protect the eyes for horses and ponies, as well as for many large pets and farm animals.

laservision offers a laser protection mat to protect the animal's body or as a base for metal treatment tables.

laservision, as one of the leading manufacturers of laser protection products, also offers suitable laser protection goggles for the veterinarian, the assistant as well as the pet owner, who may also be present during the treatment.

Filters P1H02P1C02P1D09 and P1M03 are particularly suitable here. (As soon as you click on the link, you get to the filter and all the versions offered for it)

How to use Laser Safety Doggles® pet friendly?

Available Laser Safety Doggles®

Laser Safety Doggles® Kit
Reliably protect the eyes of small animals, cats and dogs from NIR laser radiation during veterinary treatment. Buy from laservision!
Laser Safety Equine Mask
available standard sizes: L
Laser protection hood ELMF5P015001: reliably protects the eyes of large animals, such as horses and ponies from NIR laser radiation. Buy from laservision!