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laservision Laser Safety Slats

The laser safety slat curtain is lightproof and suitable for all laser kinds. The slats feature a very high resistance against aging, bases and acids also in combination with very low and high temperatures. Its mechanical stress is very good as well. The protection level and stability of the lamellas is internally certified due to continuous own laser damage tests. Thre is one mount needed for each slat plus one in addition. This allows to create a nearly unrestricted individual length and wideness (quantity of the slats).

Please ask us for a qualified advice as well as a customized offer for your special solution.



  • Very high mechanical resistance
  • Temperature stability
  • Restistant against aging, bases and acids
  • Customized dimensions through length and number of slats
  • Internally tested laser resistance

Available Laser Safety Slats

Laser safety slats VL
available standard sizes (mm): 10000 x 300
Laser protection slats in 1,600, 2,000 or 10,000mm length and 300mm width. Buy from laservision!
plastic slat-mounts 099
The slat-mounts 099 help to assemble the laser safety slats. They are fitted onto a rod (diameter max. 33,7 mm) which are not part of the scope of delivery. More information here