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The E25 Window-Kit E25.FRAME.1001
The E25 modular folding wall also offers a possibility, to easily mount a laser protection plastic window, with the special developed...
E25.M7P06.1001 (E25 basic module)
Standardized, pre-assembled laser protection folding system E25 with a tested, light and laser-proof hinge, for flexible and safe...
E25.M7P06.1002 (E25 conntecting module)
The E25 intermediate module, E25.M7P06.1002, of the standardized and preassembled laser protection folding wall system with a tested,...
E25.VPACK.1000 (E25 special packaging)
The E25 modular folding wall connecting module E25.M7P06.1002 from laservision is used for the individual expansion of the basic module...