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laservision laser safety filter for laser safety eyewear

Absorbing materials are the common standard in order to block light of a defined wavelength range from the spectrum. As basic material special optic filter glass or plastics with special absorber dyes are mostly used. Absorption means that the light energy of the specified wavelength for which the filter is designed for is transformed to heat, when the beam hits the filter.

Glass filters

  • High optical densities
  • Combinable filter glasses
  • Splinter protection due to lamination
  • Filter for usp-lasers available

Plastic filters

  • Economically priced with good wearing comfort
  • Low weight
  • Scratch-proof coating bothsides
  • High protection levels at pulsed lasers

Coated filters

  • Highest optical densities
  • Combinable with plastic and glass filters
  • Best color view for IR and highest daylight transmission
  • Brake-proof by special plastic structures

Customized filters

  • Individual filter combinations are possible
  • Available as flat filters in the R01, R14 and R17  frame style
  • Single filter/eyewear certification possible

Differences between laser protection filters

Each of the different materials used for absorption filters, plastics and glass, does have advantages and disadvantages with respect to protection and comfort. Both features have to taken into consideration during the selection process of the right filter.

Whereas the blocking range of interference filters depends mostly on the design of the layer structure, the blocking range of commonly used absorption filters depends on mainly on the material properties of the substrate. Because in case of a laser hit most of the laser energy is reflected from an interference filter, the protection is highly independent from the chosen substrate. Therefore it is possible to achieve this this technology the high protection levels using plastic filters which have previously only been available with glass filter technology. Often also reflective coatings are applied as an add on to absorbing glass filters to optimize the protection range or to increase the protection level of the filter.

To be able to offer all laser operators the perfect laser safety eyewear, laservision develops and manufactures, among other standard spectacles more than hundred special filters with single-CE marking per year. This results mainly out of laservision's enormous experience with the handling of different materials, as plastics, mineral glasses or endowed special glasses, as well as out of the control of the technology for combining absorption- and reflection filters.