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Additional to the modular laser safety courses laservision also offers several further services including appraisal and repair services for laser safety glasses from laservision.

Repair service of laser safety products

There is no simple answer to the frequently asked question if glasses are still safe or not. Life time depends not only on the age of the glasses, but also on factors such as treatment, care and environment. Therefore laservision recommends regular safety inspections.
The time between two inspections can vary according to reasons mentioned above. A pair of glasses which are treated with care, cleaned according to instructions and used in a laboratory setting will certainly outlast a pair of glasses that are treated carelessly and perhaps even worn by several different people in a rough production environment. Glasses which show any damage (e.g. a damaged or scratched filter, colour changes in the filter, damaged metal enforcement of the frames) should not be used at all. If you are in doubt, please contact our technical support for a safety inspection of your glasses.

laservision offers a safety check against a small fee. This service is offered for all glasses, windows and filters independent from its original manufacturer.

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