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laservision laser safety magnifier with plastic laser protection filter

Laser safe loupes are especially required within the dental and dermatological range. Due to the optical characteristics of a loupe the protection of the eyes is notably considered. In combination with lasers the loupe results in an increasing of the power- and energy density. Therefor laservision decided the combination of additional laser safety filters at the loupe for the best and safest solution.

The loupe is mounted to a standard laser safety goggle (F22) with a special adapter. For this reason the glasses with magnifier covers almost all relevant medical laser applications. Especially the HR 2.5x/420 binocular loupe is the ideal combination of magnification and depth of field, large visual field, easy handling and ensures a clear and brilliant field of vision without distortions. Additionally to the laser safety spectacle identic laser safety filters are mounted to the loupe (laser sided).