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laser safety filter T2Q04

The laser safety filter T2Q04 is a green-blue absorbing mineral glass filter without additional coating. The protection is based on absorption of the laser light within the bulk material. The filter T2Q04 has a daylight transmission of approx. 45% and a good colour recognition. The laser protection filter T2Q04 is slightly curved (BC 6) and is available in the F20R02 and F46 frame styles with a and especially suitable for laser protection in the range between 750nm up to 1100nm. Please calculate required protection levels before using laser safety filters and compare with the filter provided.

A detailed description to the above mentioned filter curve and color view can be found here


  • Protection levels acc. to EN 207
  • Application: Nd:YAG lasers, pump diodes, fiber- and disc laser
  • 3 frames style available: F20R02 and F46
  • Only available as slightly curved filter (BC6)


Technical Data

Protection Effect Full Protection
Color green-blue
Filter Material Mineral glass
Filter Technology Absorption Filter
Certification CE
VLT (approx.) 45%
Visual Brightness good
Color View good
Filter Thickness approx. 4 mm*
Filter Curvature slightly curved (BC 6)


Available laser protection eyewear with filter T2Q04


laser safety spectacle F20T2Q04
Laser safety goggle F20T2Q04 suitable for IR fiber, disc, Nd:YAG and CO2 lasers. Buy from laservision!
laser safety spectacle F46T2Q04
Laser safety goggle F46T2Q04 with Clipnetic System suitable for Nd:YAG lasers, pump diodes as well as fiber and disc lasers. Buy from laservision!
laser safety spectacle R02T2Q04
Laser safety goggles R02T2Q04 for Nd:YAG lasers and pump diode as well as fiber and disk lasers. More information here