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laservision special eyewear for medical laser protection

Due to the variety of laser applications in medicine, the protection of patients and their eyes with the help of patient eyewear is becoming increasingly important. A distinction must be made here as to whether the goggles have filters or whether the goggles are completely closed. In the field of patient protection, Laservision offers three different types of safety goggles tailored to the applications.

Especially in the fields of dermatology and dentistry, laser safety magnifiers are used for laser treatments. Due to the optical properties of the loupe, special attention must be paid to protecting the eyes from the laser radiation.

For photodynamic therapies (IPL - intense pulsed light), especially in the field of dental and dermatological treatment, adequate eye protection is required for both the patient and the medical staff. Here laservision offers gray and green IPL goggles which can also be used as over-the-eye goggles (OTG).

Another category of special eyewear from laservision are the uvex CR splash protection goggles. These are specially designed for the high requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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