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Absorbing plastic laser safety filters

The major area of application of plastic laser safety filters is found in the field of medical laser applications as well as in the industry at laser systems of minor to medium power. By an appropriate cobination of various absorbing dyes and substrate materials paired with an excellent knowledge of the processing parameters laservision is able to develop particularly adapted absorption spectrums and hence able to manufacture as eyewear filters. This way the protection effect of a filter can be adjusted to the concrete specifications. An example given is the glare-protection or RGB (red/green/blue) filter P1E07.

Absorbing plastic laser safety filters can be produced relatively easy in larg quantities at low-cost by automated injection molding processes. Hereby laservision benefits from a close cooperation with uvex safety group – one of the leading supplier of eye protection products in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). Absorbing plastic filters are already provided with different coatings during the production process. As a standard a scratch-proof coating will be applied bothsides. However the production of single plastic filters with customer specific filter characteristics is not possible and will not be offered.

Plastic laser safety filters are made of imbued plastic material. Therefore small scratches on the surface are not safety relevant. Laser protection glasses with plastic filters are characterized by its low weight and yet supreme wearing comfort. They often consist of a single shield which may also be used as protective googles over corrective glasses (F18F22, F42, F46). laservision also produces and offers particularly sportive models with strongly bended filters and excellent field of view (F29 and F47).


  • Different wavelength ranges
  • High protection levels at pulsed lasers
  • Various forms of frames
  • Partially also available as window
  • Scratch-proof coating bothsides
  • Low weight
  • Economically priced with good wearing comfort