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laservision laser safety curtains

Laser safety curtains are a simple and flexible way to safely enclose lasers or laser areas and, for example, to build locks. laservision offers a number of different standard models for different power classes. Depending on the material, different sizes can be constructed from one piece or from several modules. These can be joined together using a variety of laser-safe joining methods. Custom fabrications are also possible. Protective exposure limit (PEL) values according to EN 60825-4, or protection levels according to EN 12254, are available for the curtains so that they can be assigned to the corresponding applications.

SHELTER-Light: lightweight and flexible curtain based on F1P01 fabric

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to standard modules with Velcro-/flap tape
  • Single layer
  • Certified according to EN 12254
  • For low to medium power lasers

SHELTER-NG: 3-layer high-power laser protection curtain based on F1P01 fabric

  • Ideal as room divider (laser protection on both sides)
  • Certified according to EN 60825-4 => can also be used for machines
  • Tested protection levels according to EN 12254
  • Suitable for high power lasers

SHELTER-CR: Similar to SHELTER NG but with additional antistatic sleeve

  • Wipeable and disinfectable with alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Certified according to EN 60825-4
  • Tested protection levels according to EN 12254
  • Connection by means of silicone arrow/groove tape
  • For high power lasers in e.g. clean rooms

Roll-Up: Light curtain on a stand for free placement

  • Standard display for temporary separation
  • Multiple displays can be combined via connectors
  • Single layer curtain material
  • Certified according to EN 12254

Laser safety slats:

  • Silicone lamella material
  • Single layer
  • Can be assembled by customer
  • Red warning color


  • EN 60825-4 SGB and EN 12254 protection levels available (depending on material)
  • Mobile service solutions up to fixed mounted laser protection roller blinds
  • Various options for connection (Velcro, magnetic tape, rotary toggle, etc.)
  • Low-, medium- & high-power laser safety curtains
  • Standard sizes with short delivery time
  • Customized sizes and shapes upon request
  • Mounting, suspension and rail systems optional