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Our manufacturing expertise throughout the entire process allows us to guarantee high-quality and reliable products, as well as advisory expertise and a personal service.

At laservision, as an integral part of uvex, we protect one of the most sensitive human organs - the eye - from laser radiation with commitment, customer orientation and innovative strength. In addition to laser safety goggles, filters and windows, the overall portfolio also includes large-area laser protection. For us, the focus is on people.

We have a transnational, highly qualified network of strategic partners and are committed to CO2-neutral growth in the long term. Our demanding goals for the production facilities and products ensure that Made in laservision is a promise of quality with added value for our customers, today and in the future. laservision’s target groups comprise manufacturers as well as users of laser technology in fields such as industry, medicine, research and defence.

protecting people is the claim and DNA of the uvex group

The philosophy of our brand is to provide optimum laser safety protection for all lasers worldwide in accordance with the standards. This is based on our intensive research, manufacturing in our own plants, close collaboration with high-performance suppliers and the transfer of expertise within the uvex safety group. This ensures laservision’s technological excellence on a lasting basis.

Custom focus is an important part of our brand values

laservision is represented worldwide by carefully selected and welltrained team of distributors. These distributors are experienced with all the needs and requirements of the lasercommunity and are able to offer complete and customised laser safety solutions.