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laser safety filter P1E03

The Laser Safety Filter P1E03 is a mint green absorbing laser protection filter without additional reflective coating. The protection is based on absorption of the laser light within the bulk material. The laser safety filter has a good daylight transmission of 45% and therefore a good visual brightness as well. The laser safety filter laservision P1E03 is CE certified and available in the frames F18, F22 and F42. It is especially suitable for different red laser diodes and Ruby- lasers. Please calculate required protection levels before using laser safety filters and compare with the filter provided.

A detailed description to the above mentioned filter curve and color view can be found here


  • LB Protection levels acc. to EN 207
  • Especially suitable for Ruby- Laser and red laser diodes
  • Low weight and high wearing comfort
  • Available in the frames F18F22 and F42
  • Good colour view and 45% VLT

Technical Data

Protection Effect Full Protection
Color mint green
Filter Material Plastic
Filter Technology Absorption Filter
Certification CE, UKCA
VLT (approx.) 45 %
Visual Brightness good
Color View good
Filter Thickness approx. 2 mm

Available laser protection eyewear with filter P1E03

laser safety spectacle F18P1E03
Laser safety goggle F18P1E03 - suitable for ruby ​​lasers (694nm) and other red laser radiation. Buy from laservision!
laser safety spectacle F22P1E03
Laser safety goggle F22.P1E03.1001 especially suitable for red and ruby ​​lasers (694nm). Buy from laservision!
laser safety spectacle F42P1E03
Laser safety spectacle F42P1E03 with Quick Release suitable for ruby ​​lasers and laser diodes in the red spectral area. Buy from laservision!