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uvex-laservision safety eyewear uvex CR series

The uvex CR safety spectacles are designed for the high and special requirements within the medical and pharma-industrial range. With the so called CR series uvex developed the first autoclavable safety goggles with anti-fog coating for this operation conditions.

Its unique anti-fog coating ensures excellent anti-fog performance, during physically demanding work as well as in extremely warm and high humidity conditions. Uvex-CR eyewear can be autoclaved up to 10 times (20 minutes each cycle at 121°C). At higher temperatures or commonly done sterilization cycles a change if the spectacle is recommended. Regarding the goggle (uvex ultrasonic CR) only the sheet has to be changed.

Besides the exemplary safety function the uvex CR spectacles are characterized with high performance, best wearing comfort and an innovative design. Starting with the light weight spectacle up to the goggle with its wide panorama view – uvex offers the ideal safety eyewear for every application.