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LED light mini A47LIGHT1001

With the A47 LED light (mini) A47.LIGHT.1001 in conjunction with the matching adapter from laservision, it is possible to optinally equip the 2-lens glasses with this additional feature. 
The LED light has an illuminance of over 500 lux at a working distance of 34 cm and enables the working environment to be optimally illuminated during use. The LED light (mini) can optionally be reordered and is delivered together with the special adapter from laservision and the required batteries.

  • Order number: A47LIGHT1001
  • GTIN: 4050369057319
  • Pack unit: 1 pieces
  • Weight incl. packaging: 0,02 kg
  • Weight excl. packaging: 0,01 kg
Product number: A47LIGHT1001


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