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laser safety window P5E05

The plastic laser protection window based on PMMA 000.P5E05.1001 from laservision is particularly suitable for high power lasers in the UV and blue wavelength range (e.g. surface scanners or DIY cutting lasers) as well as for lower-power lasers in the green wavelength range, e.g. rangefinders. It additionally offers an OD8 + at 450nm. The orange-colored laser protection window is 200x100mm and offers approx. 45% daylight transmission (VLT). The laser safety window is available in various standard sizes and customer-specific up to a size of up to 3050 x 2050 mm². The thickness is approx. 3mm. The window is only supplied with an OD marking.

  • 000P5E051001
  • GTIN: 4050369034693
  • 1 pieces

available standard sizes (mm)

The laser safety window type P5E05 is a orange absorbing laser protection filter based on PMMA...more

The laser safety window type P5E05 is a orange absorbing laser protection filter based on PMMA, without an additional reflective coating. The protection is based on absorption of the laser radiation in the material itself. The laser safety filter has a daylight transmission of approx. 45%. The laservision laser safety window P5E05 is marked exclusively with OD values ​​(optical density) and is available in different standard and customer-specific dimensions up to a size of 3050 x 2050 mm². It is especially suitable for high power lasers within the UV- and blue wavelength range but also forlasers with lower poser within the green wavelength range. Please calculate required optical density levels before using the laser safety window and compare with the window provided.



Protection range

Protection within the visible spectral range between 400 and 700nm

Coating: no coating
Colour: orange
Protection Class / Norm: EN 207 full protection
Visual brightness: Very good
Filter material: Plastic
Protection range: visible
Filter technology: Absorption filter
colour recognition: Good
Filter thickness: ca. 3mm
VLT (approx.): 45%
Wavelength OD 180 - 353nm OD10+ >353 - 362nm OD8+ >362 -...more
Wavelength OD
180 - 353nm OD10+
>353 - 362nm OD8+
>362 - 369nm OD6+
 >369 - <413nm OD3+
413 - <435nm OD6+
435 - 477nm OD8+
>477 - 492nm OD6+
>492 - 515nm OD4+
>515 - 522nm OD3+
>522 - 528nm OD2+
>528 - 538nm OD1+
5400 - <10600nm OD5+
10600 - 11000nm OD6+
>11000 - 11500nm OD5+


laservision Wechselrahmen für Laserschutzfenster clickframe for laser safety windows
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