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Laser Safety Doggles® Kit

The Laser Safety Doggles® DKTP5K015000 with laser safety filter P5K01 protect the eyes of dogs, cats, kangaroos and other little animals dependably from NIR-laser radiation (800-1100nm, OD5) during laser procedures. The elastic headband ensures a secure and dependable fit during the laser therapy. The Laser Safety Doggles® is available as a Kit. This includes three different sizes.

The Laser Safety Doggles® are recommended by the Aussie Mobile Vet  in Australia which uses them daily during laser therapy sessions with animals.

  • DKTP5K015000
  • GTIN: 4050369018266
  • 1 pieces
  • 0.23 kg
  • 0.12 kg
The Laser Safety Doggles® dependably protect the eyes of dogs and cats and other animals like...more

The Laser Safety Doggles® dependably protect the eyes of dogs and cats and other animals like kangaroos as patients during a veterinarian treatment with lasers at a wavelength range between 800 and 1100nm. Within the veterinarian sector this kind of treatment is increasingly used as pain therapy – such as arthritis or chronic arthropathy and supports a better healing. Similar to human laser safety is absolutely necessary for the veterinarians who perform the laser therapy as well as for the patients. The Laser Safety Doggles® are available in three different sizes. For this reason you can choose the suitable size for the animal. Every Laser Safety Doggle® features a flexible head- and chin band and therewith ensures an easy and solid fit during the treatments.


  • Kit includes 3 different sizes
  • Wavelength range 800-1100 nm
  • Attenuation OD5
  • Adjustable head- and chin band
Protection range
near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm

Frame type: Pets goggle
Frame: Doggle
Filter: P5K01
Filter colour: Dark green
colour recognition: Limited
Filter thickness: ca. 2mm
Filter material: Plastic
Filter technology: Absorption filter
Protection range: near infrared
Visual brightness: Limited
VLT (approx.): 6%