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titanium patient eyewear P11M1P071001

The P11.M1P07 titanium-based patient eyewear provides continuous protection in the wavelength range from 180nm to 25000nm. A protection level M LB10 is even certified between> 315 - 1400nm. The firmely connected but flexible nose bridge enables a perfect and therefore secure fit. It can be used very flexible and can be combined with the silicon spare rings (A99SRing) from laservision. The adjustable headband ensures a stable and pressure-free fit. The scope of delivery includes a soft case and two pairs of silicone spare rings.

  • P11M1P071001
  • GTIN: 4050369053892
  • 1 pieces
  • 0.14 kg
  • 0.02 kg
The titanium patient eyewear P11 of the Premium Line has a fixed connected but flexible nose...more

The titanium patient eyewear P11 of the Premium Line has a fixed connected but flexible nose bridge. The eye caps are the same for all models and have a particularly good fit. The special medical aspect is that the material is nickel free (leakage tested according to EN 11885: 2009-09) and the immunological neutrality of the material and it can be autoclaved and sterilized using standard methods. The eye caps are surrounded by silicone rings (A99SRINGS) and thus ensure a soft and comforable fit. In addition the easy-to-attach headband is lashed to the side of the head, which ensures a comfortable and pressure-free fit for the patient, even for long periods course of treatment. The scope of delivery of the P11 patient eyewear includes a headband, 2 pairs of silicone spare rings and a soft case. The silicone spare rings (A99SRing) can be ordered in pairs of 25 separately. The P12 titanium patient eyewear and the P13 titanium eye caps are alternatives to the P11.M1P07.1001.


  •     Material: titanium
  •     Firmley conntected but flexible nose bridge
  •     Nickel-free
  •     Immunologically neutral
  •     Sterilizable and autoclavable
  •     No reflection
  •     Para magnetic (no impainments due to magnetic fields (in CT) without the cord
  •     Laterally adjustable headband ensures a firm but pressure-free fit
  •     Protection levels from 180 nm to 25000nm
  •     The silicone rings ensure a good and comfortable fit and they are easily exchangeable


Protection range

Protection in the infrared spectral range above 1400nm

near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm


Protection within the ultraviolet spectral range between 180 and 400nm


Protection within the visible spectral range between 400 and 700nm

Protection Class / Norm: EN 207 full protection
Cushion: Silikon-Ringe
Frame type: Eyeball protection
Patients eyewear
Properties: autoklavierbar
Filter material: Titan
Protection range: Infrared
near infrared
wavelength (nm) OD Operating mode  / Tested protection level
180 - 315 (OD10+) D LB10 + IR LB4 + M LB6Y
>315 - 1400 (OD10+) D LB7 + IR LB9 + M LB10
>1400 - 25000 (OD10+) DI LB5 + R LB3Y + M LB6Y
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