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laser safety faceshield FS1P1P18

The safe and comfortable complete solution for eyes and face during hand-held laser welding. The face shield (FS1) offers certified laser protection in accordance with EN 207.

The face shield sets new standards in terms of wearing comfort. The total weight is only 386 g. The system is perfectly balanced thanks to an innovative folding mechanism with spring-loaded coupling rods. The height and width-adjustable headrest with the uvex spiderneck system perfectly rounds off the ergonomic support.

  • Order number: FS1P1P181003
  • GTIN: 4050369079113
  • Pack unit: 1 pieces
  • Weight incl. packaging: 0,50 kg
Product number: FS1P1P181003
Product information "laser safety faceshield FS1P1P18"
Protection range
Protection within the ultraviolet spectral range between 180 and 400nm
near infrared
Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm
Protection in the infrared spectral range above 1400nm
Coating: Front side anti-scratch / rear side anti-fog
Filter: P1P18
Filter colour: Gold
Filter material: Plastic
Filter technology: Absorption filter
Filter thickness: ca. 2mm
Frame: FS1
Properties: Lightweight, M-protection rating
Protection Class / Norm: EN 166, EN 207 full protection
Protection range: Infrared, near infrared, ultraviolett
VLT (approx.): 47%
Visual brightness: Very good
colour recognition: Good
185 - 315 (OD10+) D LB10 + IR LB4
>315 - 466 (OD8+) D LB5 + IR LB8 + M LB8Y
800 - <880 (OD6+) DIRM LB6
880 - 1070 (OD10+) D LB6 + IR LB8 + M LB10
>1070 - 1080 (OD8+) D LB6 + IRM LB8
>1080 - 1087 (OD7+) D LB6 + IRM LB7
>1087 - 1100 (OD6+) DIRM LB6
5250 - 14000 (OD5+) DI LB4 + R LB3Y

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