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Window frame

The frame A00.FRAME.1011 for laser safety cabinet windows is suitable for the size 297x210mm and a thickness of 3 to 13mm. It can be used for glass- and for acrylic laser safety windows. The mounting is easy and quick. Only a hex-wrench is needed for a filter change. The filters are sealed by a rubber band.
  • Order number: A00FRAME1012
  • GTIN: 4050369018419
  • Weight incl. packaging: 1,76 kg
available standard sizes (mm)
Product number: A00FRAME1012
Product information "Window frame"
The window frame is designed to integrate Laser safety windows with a thickness of 3 mm to 13 mm quickly and safely into any laser barrier. This construction of the frame has been improved with the exchange of the laser safety window in mind. The window is held in rails inside the detachable front part of the frame which enables the window change separate from the laser enclosure. The base of the frame which is securely anchored into the enclosure wall holds two leaf springs which press the window into the sponge rubber seal in the completely assembled frame. This ensures a secure fit and tight seal without any gap. Furthermore, this compensates for any variation in glass thickness. These thickness variations are a result of the fabrication of the laser safety window to guarantee the necessary optical density. The instructions for use can be found here.