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Laser Safety Courses

Due to the increasing dissemination of laser technology laser protection gets more and more important. Around the usual seminar to become a laser safety officer laservision offers a very different but modular training concept to the issue laser safety. This laser safety training concept, which takes place and in close collaboration with the uvex academy, are: the annual laser safety tutorial seminars, the seminar for laser safety for advancers, a hands-on training for laser safety officers as well as a measurement instrumentation seminar. All courses are operated in collaboration with our partners like the Laserzentrum BLZ at the uvex academy. On request and provided a number of participants the seminar can also be conducted at your place, at universities, institutes and larger companies.


  • LSO 1 laser safety officer for technical applications (DE)
  • LSO 1 Laser Safety Officer (EN)
  • LSO 2 Hand-On training for laser safety agents (DE only)
  • IBL1 Implementing and occupational safety of laser machines (DE only)
  • LST1 laser safety tutorial (EN)
  • MTK1  Technical qualification “measurement of artificial visual radiontion” (DE only)


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