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laser safety curtain SHELTER NG

The multi-layer laser safety curtain BC1.F1P01 has a width of approx. 900mm or 1800mm and a length of 2000mm up to 3500mm. The single segments of this curtain can be connected together with Verlo strap. Mounting is realized by a set of eyelets on the top of the curtain element. The length (height) of the segments can flexible be customized. The curtain is certified acc. EN 12254 and EN 60825-4 (CE).

  • BC1F1P011201
  • GTIN: 4050369016293
  • 1 pieces
  • 6.60 kg
  • 4.10 kg

available standard sizes (mm)

The multi-layer laser safety curtain is certified acc. EN 12254 and EN 60825-4 (CE). It features...more

The multi-layer laser safety curtain is certified acc. EN 12254 and EN 60825-4 (CE). It features enormous flexibility within the arrangement regarding height and width. The standard segments height are 2m, 2,5m, 3m or 3,5, the standard width are 900mm or 1800mm, can be combined in different ways. The standard segments can be connected together Velcro straps. As an option it is also possible to fix the segments overlapped at the girder (frames and rail systems) and be brought in position as needed. This guarantees a subsequent adaption of the laser protection, independent of the segment width, regarding the eyelets on the top. Concurrently there is the possibility to change the laser safety areas to custom-designed, as it often requested within the research- and shop-floor level and to comply with the emergency exits.

The instructions for use can be found here.

Protection range

Protection in the infrared spectral range above 1400nm

near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm


Protection within the ultraviolet spectral range between 180 and 400nm


Protection within the visible spectral range between 400 and 700nm

Colour: silver grey
Protection range: Infrared
near infrared
Protection Class / Norm: EN 12254
EN 60825
Properties: both-sides usable
wavelength (nm) OD Operating mode  / Tested protection level
180 - 315 180-315 D AB8 + IR AB3 + M AB6Y
>315 - 1050 >315-1050 D AB7 + I AB8 + R AB7Y + M AB8Y
>1050 - 1400 >1050-1400 D AB6 + I AB8 + R AB7Y + M AB8Y
>1400 - 20000 >1400-20000 DI AB4 + R AB3Y + M AB4
1070nm | 3,85 MW/m 2 | T2 | t max = 200s more
1070nm | 3,85 MW/m2 | T2 | tmax = 200s
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