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laservision accessories for laser safety eyewear

In addition to the day light transmission the filter width and size and therefor the filter weight have a large influence on the wearing comfort of a laser safety spectacle. laservision offers a multitude of options, which allow an individual modification to the head of the user. These are for instance different, individually adjustable temples, flexible head straps or adjustable head support systems. For spectacle wearers laservision offers two options: fit over frames which are suitable for almost all modern eyeglasses as well as Rx inserts for corrective glasses. Due to hygienic causes it makes sense to use changeable cushion frames like our lip seal or the foam frame or if they can even be cleaned.

For the daily cleaning of laser safety goggles, especially the filters, laservision offers a complete cleaning station with wall mounting solution. It contains a dispenser with a carefully verified cleaning fluid and suitable woodfree paper towels. The combination of both products ensures a gentle and efficient cleaning and a long life time of the eyewear.