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RX insert for laser safety frames R01 and R17

At some applications a laser safety goggle is not appropriate for spectacle wearers, laservision offers for the frames R01 and R17 a so called RX insert as an option. This insert consists of a small metal frame without arms, which can be fitted with corrective lenses by an optician. The insert can be easily mounted. Delivery includes two screws for the frame and a master model for lens grinding or you can use the in-house glazing service from laservision and save yourself the trip to the optician. You can find the order form in the middle of the page.

  • Order number: A01RXINS1000
  • Pack unit: 1 pieces
  • Weight incl. packaging: 0,02 kg
Product number: A01RXINS1000


RX insert glazing service for laser safety frames R01 and R17
In-house glazing service for RX insert from laservision, suitable for R01 and R17. Learn more!