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Customized laser safety curtain SHELTER-CR

If wipeable and disinfectable curtains larger than (WxH) 1800 x 3500 mm or special shapes and cut-outs are required, they can be ordered as customized solutions up to a maximum size of (WxH) 2700 x 3500 mm. An eyelet tape on the top side is used to hang the curtain. Several panels can be connected with a sewn-on special silicone arrow and groove tape. The length (height) of the panels can be customized. In addition to a certificate according to EN 60825-4, tested protection levels according to EN 12254 are also available.

The single-layer laser safety curtain SHELTER-CR (BC6.F1P01) is based on the silicate fabric F1P01 with an anti-static wrapping and is characterized by the following points:

- Anti-static envelope
- Size available up to 2.700 x 3.500 mm
- Connection by means of silicone arrow and groove tape
- Wipeable and disinfectable (alcohol-based agents)
- Cutouts and customized shapes possible
- Eyelet tape on top edge (5x eyelets / linear meter)
- No laser preferred direction (double sided use)
- Ideal for medium to high laser power
- Weight per unit area approx. 3.0 kg/m²

COLOR gray
near infrared

EN 1149-1
EN 12254
EN 60825-4

PROPERTIES both-sided useable
wipeable (no acids and alkalis)
disinfectable (agents containing alcohol)

Instructions for use of this product can be found here.
Standard curtains can be found here.

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