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laservision Laserschutzbrille R14.T1P05.1002

laser safety spectacle R14T1P05F

The laser safety eyewear R14.T1P05.1002 with foam frame (F) provides an extremely broadband laser protection within the UV, VIS, NIR and IR spectral range (180-532nm und 805-11.500nm). The OTG goggle with brown filters can be worn over average large correction glasses. The exchangeable clip frame with lip seal lends this OTG goggles a unique and good wearing comfort. The laser safety goggle comes with a metal box, which can also be used as a storage box.

  • R14T1P051002
  • GTIN: 4050369030121
  • 1 pieces
  • 0.14 kg
  • 0.11 kg
Protection range
Coated filter
Coated filter

The filter has a reflective coating for certain wavelength.


Protection in the infrared spectral range above 1400nm

near infrared
near infrared

Protection within the near infrared spectral range between 700nm and 1400nm


Protection within the ultraviolet spectral range between 180 and 400nm


Protection within the visible spectral range between 400 and 700nm

Coating: Interference Coating (PVD)
Protection Class / Norm: EN 207 full protection
Cushion: Soft foam
Frame type: Goggle with strap
Properties: M-protection rating
Suitable for use with prescription glasses (OTG)
Frame: R14
Filter: T1P05
Filter colour: Orange
colour recognition: Limited
Filter thickness: ca. 10mm
Filter material: Coated glass
Filter technology: Absorption filter
Reflection filter
Protection range: Coated filter
near infrared
Visual brightness: Limited
VLT (approx.): 15%
wavelength (nm) OD Operating mode  / Tested protection level
180 - 315 (OD10+) D LB10 + IR LB5 + M LB6Y
>315 - 532 (OD9+) D LB7 + IR LB8 + M LB9
805 - <888 (OD5+) DIRM LB5
888 - <900 (OD6+) DIRM LB6
900 - <1025 (OD7+) DIRM LB7
1025 - 1400 (OD9+) DIR LB8 + M LB9
>1400 - 3000 (OD5+) D LB5 + IRM LB4
>3000 - <9000 (OD5+) D LB5 + I LB4 + R LB3Y
9000 - 11500 (OD10+) D LB5 + I LB4 + R LB3Y
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