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New laser protection filter P1E10 – especially suitable for dye and yellow diode lasers

The laservision laser safety filter P1E10 is a purple mineral glass, has full protection, has a daylight transmission of approx. 10% and good color vision. The filter is very well suited for dye and yellow diode lasers. The laservision laser safety filter P1E10 is CE and UKCA certified and available in OTG frames F18, F22 and F42.

More information about P1E10 filter here


New Hexabox packaging: sustainable and environmentally friendly! 

The time has finally come! We are adding another piece to our sustainability program presented at the LASER World of Photonics. From now on, our plastic laser safety goggles will be delivered in our new hexabox packaging - sustainable and environmentally friendly

The new FSC-certified cardboard packaging not only has an attractive design, but is also light and recyclable. In this way, we set an example of sustainability and help reduce our ecological footprint.
Become part of the uvex #protectingplanet strategy and discover our laser safety glasses in the new sustainable packaging!



New laser safety filter P1L22 – particularly suitable for medical applications

The laservision laser safety filter P1L22 is a grass-green mineral glass, has a daylight transmission of approx. 50% and good color vision. It is particularly suitable for medical applications such as biostimulation laser therapy in the 636-662nm and 804-829nm range and has full protection there. The laservision laser safety filter P1L22 is CE and UKCA certified and available in OTG frames F18, F22 and F42.

More information about the P1L22 filter here


Protection against RGB or infrared laser radiation. Our new flyer is here!

Special forces are dependent on first-class equipment for their operations in all areas around the world, which gives them the decisive advantage. This includes, in particular, effective eye protection, which guarantees absolutely distortion-free vision and can adapt to any situation. 

laservision together with uvex safety offers differents laser safety goggles that are particularly suitable for special forces! 

Download it here for free!


Mr Dirk Breitenberger, Managing Director of laservision, is celebrating his 30th anniversary at uvex!

It has been 30 years since Mr Dirk Breitenberger started his professional career at the uvex group. In his long career he has held various management positions.

He has been Managing Director at laservision since August 2017 and is responsible for the development, production and manufacture of high-quality laser safety products, true to the company-wide motto of protecting people.



New orange design for the laservision laser safety frames R01, R02, R10 and R17

Technology, style and laser protection. The laser safety eyewear with the R01, R02, R10 and R17 frames will not only impress you technically, but also with the new design of the Duoflex temples in a stylish orange. The Duoflex temples offer a lot of individual adjustments to the user. As an option the other wearing systems from laservision like head strap and the head support systems can be used to adapt the laser safety goggles to individual needs.

laservision laser safety eyewear by frame


New! laservision Roll-Up-Set – The perfect service tool!

The roll-up set is certified according to EN 12254 and is characterized by an easy and quick to set up stand.

The Roll-Up-Set consists of 3x roll-up and 2x the roll-up connector (which is delivered together in a large bag. The set offers a maximum width of approximately 3,450 mm in linear setup.

More information about the Roll-Up-Set here


New! laservision goes virtual - Two new showrooms for medicine

In the new showrooms you will find all laservision laser safety innovations in the areas of Dermatology & Surgery and Dentistry & Surgery as well as our proven portfolio. Where do you want to start? First about the new products or straight to the laaser safety goggles? Or you can start, for example, with the patient eyewear and then move on to the laser protection film P5P14. To the left you will find the Modular E25 Barrier System and then the highlight column with the new laser safety goggle F46 with Clipnetic System. Use the widgets on the floor to get to your desired product. Let yourself be inspired and take a nice virtual tour of our showrooms!

To the virtual showrooms


New laser protection window P1H09 (3mm) – especially suitable for Nd:YAG and fiber lasers

A new addiction to the portfolio at laservision is the laser safety window P1H09 with a its green filter. It is certified according to DIN EN 60825-4 and CE marked accordingly. There is a protection (OD6 +) in the NIR range at 1064nm-1100nm as well as an OD4 + in the red wavelength range from 630nm to 656nm. Additional protection in the red area enables use in machines with seam tracking sensors or similar measuring systems.

More information about the laser safety window P1H09 here


The new catalogue "Laser protection for industry and research" Ed. 32 is now online!

In the new catalog from laservision you will find important information about laservision in the area "Mission, Responsibility and Competence" as well as the entire laservision portfolio for laser protection for industry and research. These include laser safety eyewear, laser safety windows and large-area laser protection. Discover our high-quality laser safety products in the catalogue Edition 32 like the E25 Modular Barrier System, the laser protection systems for optical tables (Table Top System, TTS) and the new laser safety frames F46 and F47. The catalog is available online - as a PDF file for convenient browsing or downloading and offline reading!

Download it now for free


New laser safety filter T1P07 with M protection levels for short pulse lasers up to 25000 nm

The laservision laser safety filter T1P07 is an orange mineral glass with full protection according to EN 207. The laser protection filter is CE certified, has full protection and offers M protection levels for the wavelength ranges from 180-540nm and from 730-25000nm. It is suitable for picosecond and femtosecond lasers. The laser protection is based on reflection and absorption and has a daylight transmission of approx. 15%. The T1P07 is suitable for almost all lasers: Nd:YAG-, fiber, disk lasers, diode lasers, SHG, FHG, THG, CO2 und USP-lasers. The filter is currently available in the laservision frames R01 and R14.

More information about the filter T1P07 here


The new laservision laser protection frame F46 receives the German Innovation Award 2021

The new, multifunctional laser safety frame F46 from laservision has the potential to become a real success model. The F46 is a new development by laservision for glass and plastic laser protection filters and already winner of the current German Innovation Award 2021 - a perfect example of the synergy effects used within the uvex group. We are very happy about the award and are proud to receive the German Innovation Award 2021. We would like to thank for the great support and of course we would like to thank Moritz Beck, product developer at laservision, and Ute Reichold, product manager at uvex SBU OH, for this successful collaboration.

To the laser safety frame F46


New! Put it on. See it all. The new laservision laser safety spectacle with frame F47

Ideal laser protection and ideal visibility down to the smallest detail.

The new F47 laser safety spectacle offer maximum functionality for your individual needs: The F47 is available as an extended loupe for almost all wavelengths and medical applications. In addition, the F47 combines protection with a stylish look and high lightness for an extremely comfortable and natural wearing experience.

Link to the new laser safety frame F47 from laservision


New! The new laser safety spectacle with frame F46 - the all-rounder with Clipnetic system

A new addition to the laser protection range at laservision is the F46 laser protection frame with "universal use".

The multifunctional goggle with the Clipnetic system can be worn as over-glasses over prescription glasses, with the Clipnetic cover, or as normal laser safety eyewear with the Clipnetic flex nose through a magnet system. It can also be equipped with the Clipnetic RX insert. The laser safety goggles F46 can also be worn by different users and thus ensure enormous cost savings!

Link to the new laser safety frame F46 from laservision


New! Laser protection systems for optical tables "Table-Top-System" (TTS)

The table-top-system (TTS) is new in the laservision portfolio and is especially suitable for R&D. It is based on the well know BARRIER M7P06 in miniature. You can use the screw post (M6) to fix the laser protection plates directly within the grid or to set them up freely on the table with a magnetic post. A magnetic optical table is a prerequisite for using the magnetic posts. One of the great advantages of the TTS system is the maximum flexibility of the structure.

More information about the TTS here


New protection levels for the laservision laser safety filter T1Q06

The laservision laser safety filter T1Q06 is a turquoise-green mineral glass with full protection according to EN 207.The laser protection filter has been re-certified and has now also protection levels in the UV in the range from 180nm to 315nm and in the IR up to 25µm. Additionally, the filter comes now with M protection levels at all certified wavelength ranges and is herewith excellently suitable for broadband lasers, OPOs, and similar systems in the ultrashort pulse range. Ultra-short pulse lasers up to 11000nm and for super continuum lasers at >= 620nm. The T1Q06 is currently available in the laservision frames styles R01 and R14.

More information about the filter T1Q06 here


New! It is finally possible to visit laservision in the virtual showroom at any time!

In the showroom you will find all laservision laser protection innovations as well as our proven portfolio. Where do you want to start? First about the new products or straight to the goggles? Or you can start, for example, with the modular folding wall system E25 and then go to the highlight column showing the new F46 frame with the innovative Clipnetic system. To the right you will find the new Table-Top system - TTS. The new P1P21 plastic window leads to the glass windows. The laser safety goggles, the plastic windows and the laser safety curtains are within sight from there. Use the widgets on the floor to get to your desired product. Let yourself be inspired! Have fun!

To the virtual showroom 


The new catalogue "Laser protection for medical applications" Ed. 31 is now online!

In the new catalogue from laservision you will find the entire laservision portfolio for laser protection in the medical field. This includes laser safety eyewear for doctors, nursing staff and assistants as well as for patients and for use in veterinary practices. Discover our high-quality laser safety products for the medical sector in the catalogue Edition 31 - online for convenient browsing or for downloading and offline reading. Those who prefer to receive the catalogue as a print version can request it from laservision at any time at!

Download it now for free


New! laservision presents the new cleaning station A99.CLSTA.1300 with accessoires

Laser safety goggles are a very high quality and delicate products of your personal protective equipment (PPE). Accordingly, the filters must be handled sensitively and carefully cleaned with mild cleaning fluids. laservision recommends the professional cleaning station A99.CLSTA.1300 with an engaging and practical design. It is suitable for wall mounting. The scope of delivery includes the cleaning fluid (A99CLSTA1303) with a suitable plastic dispenser (A99CLSTA1304) and wood-free cleaning cloths (A99CLSTA1302) that are specially designed for the properties of laser protection filters. 

To the laservision cleaning station A99.CLSTA.1300 with accessories 


New! The Patient Eyewear P01 with exchangeable nose bridge - also suitable for children!

The new silicone patient eyewear P01 are distinguished from all other patient eyewear by the exchangeable filters. The filters can be removed and changed without any tools. Without filters after which the silicone frame can be sterilized and autoclaved. The special highlight of the new P01 patient protection eyewear glasses from laservision are the exchangeable, orange-colored nose bridges. These are available in two sizes and are part of the scope of delivery. They ensure a perfect fit for almost all eye positions, head and face sizes and shapes, and can especially be used for children.

To the new Silicone Patient Eyewear P01 with nose bridge


laservision has been awarded with the "German Design Award Special 2021"!

The German Design Award discovers unique design trends: a prize that drives the design-oriented economy forward. laservision has applied to the German Design Council with the new and revolutionary laser protection folding wall system E25 and has been awarded with the German Design Award Special 2021 within the category "Excellent Product Design - Industry". The movable foldable barrier system offers flexible and mobile laser shielding with highest protection of the surrounding. The innovative hinge enables protection from 0-360°, thus guarantees highest flexibility even around corners. It’s a ready to use system: unpack & start to work. Space-saving & stable storage.

To the laser protection barrier system E25


Blog article: Laser Protection - why is it so important?

Due to its physical properties, such as good beam quality and good focusability, laser radiation has a high risk potential primarily for the eyes. For this reason, special optical filters are used as laser safety eyewear or laser safety windows to protect the eyes. Since each laser, depending on its active medium and its structure, can emit at least one, but under certain circumstances also several specific wavelengths, filters are required that are adapted to the wavelength and power of the laser source in question. Ideally, these filters transmit as much “normal” light as possible, i.e. visible light, and block the laser wavelengths completely. Why do we need laser protection for our eyes? In this blog article we will explain why laser safety is so important.

To the article


New flyer to download - Laser protection for patients

Since its foundation over 30 years ago, laservision has been expanding and optimizing its range of customized  solutions for laser protection in the medical sector at ever shorter intervals. These include laser safety goggles for doctors and medical assistants with absorption filters made of plastic and glass, IPL goggles, patient goggles made of titanium and silicone, Doggles® laser protection for veterinary medicine, large-area laser protection and much more. Discover the laservision laser protection product portfolio for medical applications in the area of "Laser protection for patients" with our new flyer. The protection of people always comes first: protecting people!

free download


laservision has moved to a new building!

Our new address is: Würzburger Str. 152 // 90766 Fürth – Germany

Phone- and Faxnumbers stay the same as well as the Email-account of your contacts. With the move to a new and larger building on the uvex site, laservision will be able to increase both personnel and productivity. In order to meet the growing demands of our global customers worldwide and to provide them even better with innovative, standardized and high-quality laser protection products. You will find more information and pictures of our new spaces on our social media channels. So stay connected and take a look at our social media channels! 


New products: Premium-Line Titanium Eye Shields and Caps P11, P12 and P13

The new Premium-Line Titanium Eye Shields and Caps P11, P12 and P13 made of titanium are a special addition to the patient eyewear range from laservision. The eye caps have a particularly good fit and are characterized by the material "titanium", which is autoclavable and sterilizable. The eye caps are additionally edged with matching silicone spare rings (A99SRings) to enable a soft, perfect and secure fit. The new patient eyewear are available in three different variations: P11 with a fixed but flexible nose bridgeP12 with an adjustable nose bridge and P13 single eye caps for flexible use. Further advantages are hygienic and medical aspects of this series: all Premium-Line Titanium Patient Eyewears are nickel-free and immunologically neutral.

To the new Premium-Line Titanium Eye Shields and Caps


New packaging for the cushion frames for the laser safety goggle R14

From now on, when you buy new upholstery frames for the R14 laser protection frame from laservision, you will receive a newly designed, trendy outer packaging. The modern and creative packaging is intended for all 3 cushion frame sets. The box contains either 5x cushion frames with foam (A14FOAM1000), 5x cushion frame with lip seal set (A14LIPSE1000) or cushion frames with vented foam (A14AIRED1000).

Link to the laser safety goggles with R14-frame


laservision in the newspaper, on the radio and on TV!

laservision recently donated some laser safety doggles® to the veterinary clinic Aussie Mobil Vet in Australia. So many wild animals had been injured and burned while trying to escape the bush fires. The laservision laser safety doggles® are an indispensable, safe and convenient protection for the animals eyes during the laser therapy. This positive news was also well received by the media: online, on social media, in the newspapers, on regional radio stations and on television!

To the article in the Bild newspaper


The vented soft cushion frame for the laser safety goggle R14

The vented soft foam cushion frame for the laservision laser safety goggle R14 (A14.AIRED.1000) provides a particularly high level of comfort and prevents fogging of the laser safety filters. Especially when wearing for a long time, this results in a comfortable fit without pressure points and a clear view. The cushion frame is simply clipped onto the existing frame.

Link to the 3D Animation 


laservision's social project - Donation to Australia

laservision's Laser Safety Doggles® currently protect kangaroos in Australia during laser therapy. This is used for severe burn wounds and musculoskeletal injuries that they suffered while trying to escape the fires. We discovered the many photos on the net and immediately decided to help. laservision (DE) donated 3x laser protection Doggles® kits, each with 3 spectacles for the animals and laservision USA made a contribution in the form of laser safety goggles for the doctors. The Aussie Mobile Vet team documented the arrival of the products with unboxing videos in which they thanked laservision for the help during this difficult time.

Link to the unboxing-videos


The new E25 Modular Barrier System from laservision

The E25 Modular Barrier System is a new addition to the laser safety range at laservision. The wall system is "ready-to-use" and can be used without any installation and tools! A special feature about the E25 is the revolutionary hinge system, which is LASER- and light-tight, no matter at what angle (0-360 °). And due to the flexibility of the hinge, the E25 laser protection folding wall system can be stored in a very space-saving manner.

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protecting people ..and pets in Australia!

Recently Aussie Mobile Vet und The Animal Rehab Klinik (Sydney) teamed up with several wildlife organisations to assist the wildlife injured from the devastating bush fires. They provided laser therapy to kangaroos, with severe burn wounds and musculoskeletal injuries trying to escape the fires. They found laservision’s range of Laser Safety Doggles® protected their eyes comfortably and safely during treatment. laservision is very happy to be able to contribute with the laser safety eyewear and Laser Safety Doggles® to help the veterinarians and their patients during the treatment.

Link to the Laser Safety Doggles® from laservision 


What is special about the laser safety goggle with frame F42?

The laser safety goggle F42 from laservision has three special features: an innovative quick-change system (Quick Release), disinfectable temples ans cold-formable temple tips with anti-slip function for secure and comfortable fitting.

Link to the 3D animation 


"How-to-Videos" on YouTube!

Have you always wanted to see how to change the complete temple and/or temple ends of the laservision laser safety googles R01, R02 and R17? Or how to use Laser Safety Doggles® easily and pet friendly? How to clean laser safety goggles correctly? How to swap the R14 headband against the R14 head support system? The solutions can be found in different "How-to-Videos" at the laservision`s YouTube-channel. Take a look now!

Visit our YouTube-channel now


The new gold standard - the laser safety filter P1P18

The new laser safety filter P1P18 from laservision consists of a gold-colored absorbing plastic without additional reflective coating. It is available with various frames and has a full protection within the UV, VIS, NIR and IR range.

More informations here


laservision is on Instagram!

laservision has finally started its Instagram channel! Here you will find a lot of news, photos and videos in the laser protection area and of course also about the company.

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Innovative laser protection loupes for medicine

The laser technology has already taken an indispensable place in medicine. For example, in the dental field, in dermatology as well as for improved wound healing and pain relief, the so-called biostimulation. In any case, the laser is indispensable for surgical procedures anyway. laserervision specializes in providing the best laser protection in all medical fields and has created a true innovation with a special combination of the F27 laser safety loupes.

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